An Inspirational Day with Molly Currey

22 Sep

I had a great pleasure hosting  Molly Currey, executive creative director at Golin Harris and a Marquette alumna, who visited her alma mater last week.  She was kind enough to speak to my PR Writing class, and shared with us numerous professional insights and life wisdom. At the end of her talk, we were left in awe and inspired. (See Molly’s profile on Linkedin here)

Molly Currey shares her career timeline with PR Writing class. (Instagram photo credit: Irene Sarumi @devoncarrots)

Read students’ blogs on her talk and their take-aways here:

Molly Currey, everyone by Claire Beyer

Passion, Creativity and Innovation by Lauren Peter

Make a Noise by Rosalee MacKinnon

Story Time with Molly Currey by Bennett Kerwin

No need for a good GPA, You must be unique by Katharine Braunschweiger 

Wisdom from an alum by Ben Knuesel


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